It is not common for you to see people who are down with alcohol addiction, to easily admit that they are addicted. However, on the other hand, there is nobody who wants to live the rest of their lives, struggling with alcohol addiction.

In Alberta, just like the rest of the world, Alcohol addiction has a sneaky pattern, it creeps into the life of an individual in unnoticeable ways.

For some set of people, alcohol addiction starts off with peer pressure. They never had the intention to get addicted to drugs in the first place, but due to the fact that their friends take and enjoy alcohol, they felt pressurized at one point to give it a try.

For some people, alcohol addiction was as a result of the presence of mental illness. Individuals in this condition, use alcohol as a self-prescribed remedy to step down their mental illness such as anxiety, depression and the likes.

At the initial stage, it would seem as if the alcoholic drink is overpowering those symptoms. However, the individual would come to realize that, the positive effect is short-lived, and if care is not taken, alcohol could empower the effect of the illness.

Parents are also known to be major contributors to alcohol addiction. Some of them are known to have bad drinking habits, and their children gets influenced in the process. Children who grew up seeing their parents drink, will most likely imbibe drinking behaviours too.

It is necessary to seek help for alcohol addiction, as the effect is known to be detrimental to all aspects of the individual’s life, particularly the financial, relationship, career, physical and psychological aspects.

However, the addict must first accept the fact that he or she is addicted, and ready to seek help.

The under-listed alcohol rehabs are present in Alberta

  • Sunshine Coast Health Centre
  • Addiction Recovery Services- Addiction Recovery Network
  • Fresh Start Recovery Centre
  • Foothills Centre
  • Business and Industry Clinic
  • Health Upwardly Mobile Inc
  • Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres
  • Broadacres Addiction Centre
  • Addiction Recovery Centre- Addiction and Mental Health Services AHS


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