Addiction can either be referred to as the act of taking certain substances or indulging in a particular act. It basically means doing an action repeatedly because of the pleasure which comes with it. Addiction has some effects which are attached to it.

Unfortunately, the addict is usually blind to it, as he or she is more concerned about the ephemeral pleasure which comes with it.

Alcohol addiction happens to be one of the commonest forms of addiction, alongside drug addiction. When it comes to alcohol addiction, the individual feels the urge to repeatedly take alcohol, in order to feel better and ease the burden of stress.

When some people are depressed, they take alcohol as a means to get better, and when this is done over and over again, it becomes a compulsive and obsessive habit.

Excess alcohol intake is known to affect our feelings and thoughts pattern, and it also implies that the way we are meant to correctly act, would be affected.

Hence, taking more alcohol just increases the effect. For those who are extroverts, and are known to be outgoing, they would discover that, taking more alcohol makes them more energized. However, there are side-effects which comes with this.

The person would become very aggressive at some point, and when this happens, he or she could do something nasty. It even gets to a point when everything goes blank, and the next time you wake up, it would be difficult to remember the words you said, or the very act you committed.

Alcohol addiction also affects relationships with family and friends. This happens because the addict would rather spend more time taking alcohol, than hanging out with family and friends. Eventually, he would discover that, his relationships have been strained.

It also affects the career of the individual, as less concentration would be at work. This implies that the level of productivity would be low as well. If the person happens to be an employee, he or she could get fired in the process.

People who are addicted to alcohol, are advised to seek help before it ruins their life.

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