The way the body of an adult copes with addiction, is much different from how the body of a teenager will cope. When it comes to alcohol addiction, a teenager will certainly find it much difficult to cope than an adult would.

Alcohol addiction is one of the leading instances of addiction in the world, and it has been known to induce various problems among addicts.

Drinking alcohol is detrimental to teens rather than adults, and this is because their brain is still in the developmental stage, and it could get impaired in the process.

During this critical period of growth, the functioning of the brain could get impaired, thereby leading to a permanent damage in the process. Likely affected areas are the motor skills, coordination and memory as well.

Studies have shown that teenagers who begin drinking before they attain the age of 15, are four times more likely to become addicted to alcohol, than those who begin at the age of 21. A good number of teenagers do not have the ample mental capacity to totally grasp the demerits of drinking alcohol.

There are instant negative effects apart from brain damage such as, delay in pubertal growth, health issues, sexual assaults and the likes. Asides the fact that teenage dependence on alcohol affects the individual himself, it also affects the society at large.

Taking a look at fatal accidents, you will discover that alcohol addiction is usually a big factor. One in every eight car crashes which are as a result of alcohol addiction, usually have a teenager who is drinking alcohol.

Teenagers who are addicted to alcohol, usually turn out to be a nuisance to the society, as they will be involved in several social vices, which will often land them in trouble. Eventually, some of them come down with STDS, others spend them in Juvenile homes and the likes.

It is advised that teenagers are properly monitored when it involves what they take. Parents who are addicted to alcohol should ensure that they place their teenagers under close monitoring, as there is a tendency that they could follow suit.

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