One erroneous belief which people have when it comes to drinking alcohol is, it does not affect anyone, especially those around them.

Parents who are into alcoholism and have this mindset, are clearly misguided, as their children are the first set of people who would be victims of this negative impact.

The effects which are attached to alcoholism is great, and if care is not taken, it could last a lifetime. Hence, this is why you would see children who carry on their drinking habits from childhood into adulthood.

One of the effects of alcohol addiction on parenting is normalization. This simply means that, the children will see drinking alcohol as a normal act, and anything which is different from that, would be regarded as abnormal.

Due to this, a good number of them would have to battle conflict and confusion when they realize that drinking is not regarded as normal in other families.

In addition to this, children who grow up with parents who are alcoholics are very likely to have trust issues, they would tell lies, deny facts and keep secrets, because it is the conventional character of their parents.

Because of trust issues, children of alcoholics will find it hard to maintain a romantic relationship, and they will prevent themselves from getting close to other people.

Similar to this, if an alcoholic parent is abusive when they are drunk, their children would most likely grow up being afraid of people who are angry. When they get older, they would try as much as possible to avoid confrontation and conflict for the fear of experiencing violence.

Also, parents would find it very difficult to correct their children when they start indulging in alcoholism, because they have set a bad example themselves.

Children are known to seek approval from parents before they start certain acts, and since they have seen their parents drink alcohol on a regular basis, it gets registered in their subconscious that it is a natural act.

Parents who are addicted to alcohol are advised to seek recovery in rehab centres, so that they can get their normal lives back on track.

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