Alcohol abuse does not occur out of nowhere, there are circumstances which are responsible for this. There are some conditions which an individual would experience in their life, which could determine if they abuse alcohol or not.

The factors surrounding the existence of a person, have the capacity to greatly influence their drinking habits. The world we live in today, is one which people love to go with the norm.

Better put, people feel more comfortable carrying out acts which are conventional, not minding if there are adverse effects accompanying it.

Most times, the reason for this is, they do not want to be left out, hence bowing to peer pressure in the process. Taking a look at college life for instance, this is where most individuals begin their alcohol abuse journey.

They are invited for a party where they see their mates drinking. In a bid to feel among, they join in the act, and this marks the beginning of alcohol abuse.

Eventually, they find it difficult to stop because of the pleasure which they derive from it, and to maintain this level of pressure, they need to keep drinking.

An individual who is a regular visitor at a bar, would most likely bow to the pressure of alcohol abuse. A good number of individuals who you would find here, are people who visit to drown themselves in alcohol, so that they can reduce the accumulated stress in their system.

Hence, if an individual who does not drink, frequents the bar on his own, or with his friends, there is a likely chance that he would get caught up in the web of alcohol abuse.

Again, another feature of the environment which contributes to alcohol abuse, is the media. People who take alcohol on the media, are portrayed as individuals who are living the good life, and this often deceives people into thinking it is the right thing to do.

Alcohol abuse can be effectively treated, first off, if the individual is aware of his problem, and is willing to receive help. People who are addicted to alcohol needs the best of care and attention before their lives are totally jeopardized.

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