Four Avenues Responsible for Addiction Among Youths


Addiction is a common issue among young people of all genders across the world.

Teenagers and young adults are in a phase in their lives when they are faced with the realities of the world. Many of them try to escape the realities and pressures of society turn to substances to provide immediate relief.

There are a couple of reasons why people become addicted to things. In this article, we will explore four avenues responsible for addiction among youths.

Four Avenues Responsible for Addiction Among Youths 

  1. Academic Pressure

The pressures associated with education at the higher levels are partly responsible for the epidemic of substance abuse among young people. The fear of dropping out and deteriorating grades causes anxiety which people try to relieve by taking substances.

Some others become addicted to substances that help them read better or stay up later than usual. However, substance abuse is one of the banes of academic excellence as it interferes with learning.

  1. Peer Pressure

It is one avenue through which addiction becomes prevalent among youths. Some young people are led to alcohol and drugs by their peers. The consistent abuse of these substances causes addiction.

Many youths struggle to gain acceptance from their peers when they do not use these substances. When they become addicted to these substances, they face the same struggle to gain approval from society. Hence, they lose the chance to contribute positively to their environment.

  1. Mental Health Issues

As people approach the adolescence stage of their life, hormones start kicking in, behavioral patterns become evident. For some who do not receive guidance through this stage, there’s a risk of psychosocial dysfunction.

In solving their problems, some youths tend to turn to drugs and substances. Many young people suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, apathy, etc., and they find comfort in these substances.

  1. Socioeconomic Circumstances

It is a critical reason why youths become addicted. The living conditions of people affect their lives. It is a common trend to see poor people suffer addiction due to their living conditions.

In the slums and ghettos, there is usually a high rate of criminality accompanied by drug abuse. Young people who grow in these conditions, there is a likelihood of tending this path.


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