Ways to sensitize people about the ills of cocaine addiction

Considering the gravity of damage that cocaine addiction can cause to the psychological and physical health of humans, there is a need for proper awareness.

Many people fall into addiction simply because they are not well sensitized about the ills of cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction has contributed to various health issues that people carry around today.

Ills of cocaine addiction

There are various ways by which the downsides of cocaine addiction can be publicized. However, before we go into the sensitization methods, let’s quickly delve into the ills of cocaine addiction. Negative effects of cocaine addiction include:

  • Physical health complexities like respiratory issues, cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, HBP, etc.
  • Mental health illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • Problem with neurological cognitive functions like memory loss, low process time, reduces sensitivity to stimuli, etc.

Sensitization methods to the ills of cocaine addiction

Sensitization methods refer to the various ways through which a form of learning and exposure can be projected concerning the ills of cocaine addiction. A few methods are:

  1. Family: The first place where people must learn how detrimental cocaine addiction can be is in the family. The family makes every community and the country at large. Parents should ensure they teach their kids about the effects of the addiction.
  2. Schools: Colleges, high schools, and other educational institutes are also great places to learn about these things. Most schools organize these sensitization programs for their students and even have counselors to help students struggling with an addiction. Schools that do not have these should start making it of priority.
  3. Social gatherings: Graduations, seminars, and even parties are places where facilitators can chip in a few defects of being a victim of cocaine addiction.
  4. Awareness campaign: Individuals and organizations can organize sensitization programs in form of an awareness campaign to talk about these issues associated with cocaine addiction.
  5. Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other social media platforms are some places where people can leverage to sensitize others on the defects of substance addiction.
  6. Blogs, Vlogs, and podcasts
  7. TV programs, Movies, and Skits


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